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What is Enterprise Asset Management?

What is Enterprise Asset Management?

The enterprise asset management suite comprises systems, software, and services required to handle and control the assets and equipment that are in operation. The idea behind the asset management software was to improve the quality, efficiency, and utilization of assets throughout their working life and reduce operational costs.

An enterprise asset management includes the following: work management, asset & equipment maintenance, streamlining operations, chain management, and health & safety initiatives.

In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), everything ranging from vehicles to mobile devices can be connected with sensors and systems, easing the process of tracking things when they are on the run. EAM has benefitted the field management industry in many ways and improved the efficiency of its processes to the next level. The data gathered from the instrumented assets provide insights to maintenance teams and technicians to make informed decisions, boost efficiency, do predictive maintenance, save time and resources, and get better returns.

In today’s world, data is one of the biggest things an organization can possess, and enterprise asset management software is all about collecting data and helping make better business decisions related to assets. With the right information in hand, field managers can automate error-prone and time-consuming tasks and streamline maintenance processes.

Here are some proven benefits of using Enterprise Asset Management Suite:

Get actionable data on your assets in real-time

Managing multiple assets at a single time is no easy task, and that too when they are spread across the whole organization. But with an asset tracking system, the task can become easier. The software helps you manage everything ranging from inventory to maintenance costs. It helps to track every single asset you have and calculate the total ownership costs, so better decisions about investing in further assets can be made diligently.

Increase work efficiency

When your office is located at multiple places or the task of handling multiple locations comes under your job profile, having an EAM can be a boon for you. With the software at your end, you can track assets easily, cut costs, meet demands, streamline operations, and lift the performance of your team. Plus, the system provides you insights into stocks and inventories so that they can be managed well to ensure the smooth flow of work in the organization.

Better ROI

With an EAM, you can track every asset in your organization, check if they are working properly, and do predictive analysis to ensure their working life. This thing ensures that you get the best return on your investment.

Scheduled Maintenance

One of the most useful features or we can say the benefits, of enterprise asset management is that it allows you to schedule maintenance. As we all know that an unexpected breakdown can occur anytime and may lead to dangers, or if not, to longer downtime that may result in losses. But with an EAM, you can see an error coming and assign a technical team to fix it before it creates any damage or dangerous situation for the workers.

Make Tasks Simpler

Keeping track of all the assets spread over across the entire organization is a tough task. But EAM can help by enhancing productivity and decreasing episodes of downtime, thereby expenses. The software provides you the ability to efficiently and easily track every asset of your organization in real-time and meet their maintenance requirements on time.

No Paperwork

Everything is managed on a cloud server; therefore, there is no need to maintain files and piles of paperwork. Plus, when everything is computerized, there are fewer chances of human errors and more accuracy in daily operations. In addition to this, it is easier to search digital documents without a delay of a single second.

Better Utilization Of Assets

The EAM helps manage tasks like reporting, tracking, and concluding & taking care of the risk in operational units. It helps in removing unnecessary procedures to boost effectiveness by allocating the right resource to reduce risk.

Improved Efficiency

The EAM manages everything to make the task of field managers and technicians easy. The field managers can see the location of each technician and the asset they possess to perform the job. This may, tasks can be streamlined in a better way to save time and resources and improve the overall productivity and efficiency of the organization.

Better Customer Experience

The EAM helps you deliver a better customer experience. It further increases the trust of customers in your organization and helps retain them and attract new ones in the long run. Moreover, it can also get you the goodwill necessary for the success of your organization.


If you want to get an edge over your competitors, investing in an enterprise asset management suite can be the best decision. It has an outstanding capability to support your business success by managing assets efficiently and never losing them with the tracking system.