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3 Superlative Social Media Tools to Endorse Your Brand Online

3 Superlative Social Media Tools to Endorse Your Brand Online

Today even kids have social media accounts and if not they know what Facebook, YouTube is. Kids are learning dancing like talents by just watching videos on YouTube. There are many fantastic things which social media has been delivering since it got popular. There are Facebook and other Social Media tools where you get connected to the world. There is YouTube where you can open your channel and share your talent or knowledge with the world. LinkedIn lets you connect with professionals like you on the planet and many more are there.

Social media is a great tool and if you use it correctly you will get recognized within seconds and your audience will grow to unbelievable heights. Also, if you have services and products to sell you can use these tools and sell whatever you have directly to your customers.

So, the question is there are so many platforms out there, and which is going to be best for your business.  You can use one or more to reach your targets. When you will choose a platform you must answer these questions how you are going to sell and what are going to be your goals? Also, you must look where your audiences are more on Facebook or YouTube, or any other platform.

You must think about your targeted audiences.  Every professional suggest that you first know about the platform and set your goals because every platform is going to give you a slightly different output than the other. Here are some popular platforms and how you can sell using them.

Advertising on Instagram

There are more than 1 billion users on Instagram which means very close to Facebook when it comes to measuring popularity.  You can see its fast-growing growth and it will certainly not come down in near future. Its popularity allows you to build your business and raise your brand awareness. There is no doubt that selecting Instagram will be a wise decision. You can sell your services and products on Instagram without any effort.

Getting started

To start selling your offerings on Instagram first you will need is a nicely crafted Instagram business profile.  After which you will be able to

  • Get information about  demographics about your Instagram followers  like their age, location, and gender
  • You will be able to track how many new followers followed  you every week

Along with demographics, there are some other aspects on which you get access like Instagram shopping. You will be able to create an immersive storefront that will showcase all your products. This will make it easy for your customers to know about your brand and your offerings. With Instagram shopping, you can showcase your featured products through stories and organic posts for your audience to discover within Instagram search and explore the feature. If someone taps on the picture they will be directed to the description page of that product where they will be able to know about

  • Product description
  • Image of that product
  • Cost of the product
  • A link to the website from where they will be able to buy that product.

Advertising of Facebook

Facebook is the most popular platform and has the largest audience today. There are more than 2.44 billion active users and it is growing. This means a huge opportunity for brands, businesses, and even individuals to advertise using this platform.

Facebook shops

The majority of the brands and businesses are shifting to online selling so Facebook has launched this new feature. It is a mobile-first shopping occurrence called Facebook shops where you can create your online store for free. It’s very simple for the customers and very effective for the sellers in times when shops are closed and no business is running properly. Through Facebook shops, people can choose products online. Your customers will also be able to connect with you through several other social networks like Instagram, WhatsApp, and messenger. These online shops are amazing with the flexibility you get to engage and interact with your potential customers.

How to enable Facebook shops?

  • Register with commerce manager of Facebook
  • Create a collection
  • Customize your storefront
  • Publish your shop
  • Advertising on Facebook

If you have a business page online then you might be aware of Facebook advertising. With this feature, you will be able to get exactly when it comes to customer types because you can

  • Create a core audience that is based on geography, interests, and age, etc.
  • Lookalike audiences  that will help you in  reaching out to new customers with similar interests
  • You will be able to custom audience that will allow you targeted advertising to those who have engaged with your brand offline/online already.

Adverting on Twitter

Twitter might not be as important as Instagram or Facebook, but still, an ideal platform for many to sell, grow awareness of your brand. With promoted tweets and ads you can advertise on Twitter. It’s an easy yet effective way to promote your business. Then you can also use affiliate marketing programs and get your Twitter audiences engaged with them to promote your services and products. It will be a good idea if you have good relationships with other businesses and brands in your niche. If you have an impressive following on Twitter then affiliate marketing will prove fruitful. Also, make sure that you are not promoting scams as there are many. Focus on authenticity whether it’s yours or others.

Choosing the right platform

There are many other platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Indian Social media, etc. where you can use the features and set your online business, get targeted audiences and even generate leads. Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular platforms where you can instantly set up your online store and reach your customers without the need of going door to door. You must complete your homework as there are many potential social media tools that you can use to establish your brand online. You will also need a strategy that will be according to the platform you choose. So, choose wisely.